Personal Fitness has always been a huge aspect of my life. 

I am so passionate about exercise, nutrition and many other aspects of life that make you feel amazing. 

I can help and inspire you to feel great from the inside out.

It doesn’t matter if you are short or tall, have skinny legs or wide hips. It only matters who you are inside and I can help you achieve this. What makes you most beautiful cannot be seen when you look in the mirror (that’s why there will be no mirrors). 

You will come to a non-judgemental, safe, encouraging environment where you can learn to feel fantastic about yourself no matter what and also learn much more about you! 

Body Journey is a customised personal training facility, based in Lower Hutt, which helps all people, embark on a sustainable change in their lives by combining exercise with a growth mind-set allowing you to tackle any challenge you have in your life with strength and clarity. 

Our Lower Hutt studio is a safe haven where the environment is relaxed and non-judgemental.  We ditch the mirrors of a traditional gym and prefer we reflect our attention on each other where for 30 minutes we collectively power through our workouts and leave feeling great in both mind and body.


Let your Body Journey begin!