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Women's Empowerment Coaching

Six Week Transformation Programme

Week One - Telling Your Story

I will start by telling you my story, then one by one you get to tell your story or how much you want to let out.  

The more vulnerable you are the more you will get out of the programme.



Week Two - Self Belief and Self Love

Are you happy with the person you are right now?

(Struggles, self talk, what do you actually believe, compliments, self sabotage).



Week Three - Relationship Choices

Partners, children, friends - why you choose them for right or wrong reasons.



Week Four - Eating and Exercise

How do you feel about exercise and what holds you back?

What are your fears around exercise?

What triggers your bad eating habits? For example comfort or stress eating.

I will give you some exercises to get you moving from the comfort of your home.



Week Five - Looking Ahead

Where do you see yourself in three months from now?

You/Relationship’s/Children/Confidence/Self Love.



Week Six - Summary

Name the things you now love about yourself. Name the things others love about you.

Lets explore some of the things you would like to love more about you - and how you can do this.

Group discussion on ways to overcome self acceptance.


How the programme works

My 6-week women's empowerment transformation programme is a series of 2-hour Zoom sessions on a weeknight (7pm-9pm NZ time) for a 6 week period. There will be pre-session work and weekly homework to be completed before our following session.


This is available at set times throughout the year, as part of a small group programme (4 women maximum), or you can get one-on-one VIP treatment, which is available to book any time. Payment plans available.

Are you ready to become empowered?

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