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My Journey

Here’s the thing, EVERYONE has ‘stuff’ most of which has been ingrained into us from a very early age shaping our lives - either positively or negatively. Unfortunately, it is often the latter that causes a detrimental effect in one part of our lives that quickly spreads to every area, leaving us feeling helpless and searching for answers in all the wrong places.

I grew up in a family environment where there was an unhealthy obsession with portraying a certain image and a sharp focus on body weight.  This way of thinking and living was instilled in me as a young girl and was embedded in my psyche throughout my teenage years and eventually adulthood.

The home front narrative was that I was not “skinny enough”, “pretty enough” or “good enough”.  My reality was, in fact, my normality as I struggled with deep-seated issues around anxiety, trying to fit in with certain crowds,  getting in and out of toxic relationships, seeking the approval of others in what felt like a never-ending emotional roller coaster.

The problem was I could not find a way to get off this turbulent ride.

My outlet was training hard whether that was running or putting in work at the gym. The training diverted my focus but I still felt un-fulfilled even though outwardly my appearance belied what was really going on with my life.​

Something was missing, but I did not have the answers... yet!

In the interim, I devoured every new protein shake to hit the shelves and swallowed every dietary pill on the market. OH, I can’t forget the weight loss programs I poured my time, effort and money into such as the Atkins Diet, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and the Soup Diet... just to name a few. I still came out of these programs feeling empty. 

Two and a half years ago, I broke away from some very toxic relationships with some family members, which left me, rattled and at my lowest ebb.  I honestly would not have imagined that through my darkest hour I would rise up and embark on a life-changing experience through Body Journey.  

I found solace through key relationships of a new inner circle. This personal adversity has awoken me to some truths about myself, which has enabled me to reclaim back my life. It has now positioned me to share the knowledge of my personal breakthrough with you all.

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback”

and that aptly describes my journey thus far as through the hardships Body Journey was born.​

When I realised that I had finally had enough and I needed to change, I resolved that the change needed to happen from the inside out. It opened my eyes that the reason I was not satisfied with the new diet, training regime or physical results was that I failed to address what was happening inside my mind and in my heart.​

I didn’t love myself.​

I made the necessary changes within, I then began to experience the dopamine of joy and fulfilment with my trainings which radiated out to everyone I came into contact with, which has me super excited to now open the doors to Body Journey to anyone that has the desire to work hard on themselves inside and out for sustainable change. I decided to choose myself and undertook a nutritional cleansing program which put me on this path I am embarking on now.  I splashed out on a whole new wardrobe and treated myself to a professional photoshoot.

For the first time in my life, I have embraced myself
and so can you.​..