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I help women regain belief and love for themselves - enabling them to let go of the negative thoughts and become the powerful, confident woman they really are.

Six Week Transformation Program

Before I dive into the details about the Body Journey Programme, let me tell you who it’s for.  It’s for women of all ages who have a story that has held them back for far too long.  A story that has halted their progress, that has kept them from achieving their goals, sabotaged their success, that like a broken record plays that same song of sadness, disappointment, embarrassment and fear relentlessly.

The Body Journey Six Week Transformation Programme is designed to fully immerse you into unlocking your full potential, by providing you with the blueprint to achieve your stated goals through a comprehensive plan.  This purpose-built plan will enable you to understand why your past efforts were hollow, in turn taking that knowledge to design, implement and execute a sustainable plan to succeed in transforming your way of thinking.

When you combine a healthy body with a healthy mind you become an unstoppable force, the best version of yourself, which will radiate positive vibes onto others.  By undertaking my programme you open yourself up to opportunities you cannot see, positive outcomes you cannot yet fathom, but which you will achieve during this programme.

That detrimental story which you have flippantly devoted a lifetime of chapters to will have a clean sheet of paper, of which you will purposely design how your life will journey from this point - through honest and transparent discussions combined with exercise - to conquer your fears and realise the best version of yourself.


A Little Bit About Me

My name is Jo Kendrick and I am the author of my story.

A story I cultivated from a very young age and a story which developed throughout my teenage years to adulthood, because my understanding of this detrimental story was clouded in so much negativity when it came down to our natural instincts to face fear – Freeze, Fight or Flight, I chose the latter every time -and every time I lost.  But I grew tired of losing and from running away from my problems and issues, so I changed my story.

One day I decided to face my fear, stare it down, I started fighting back and with each battle won, I eventually won the ‘war’ which had been waging in me throughout my whole life, it was only then that I was able to rewrite my story and ensure sustainable personal growth and positive results.

From childhood trauma, an unbridled criticism about my body, to broken relationships - through it all I came back out the other side because that experience has left me battle-tested which enabled me to meticulously develop a program which I have proven will change you from the inside out.


By the end of my six week program you will have fully taken back control of your life, you will control the narrative of your story and form positive habits of success through training, exercise and a reset of your mindset. 

The program will allow you to have an open forum with trusted like-minded women, who each have their own story to tell, with the group forming the basis of the accountability and support to ensure that nobody gets left behind and we all cross that finish line together. I will work closely with you all (1 on 1) but you will also have access to a mastermind body journey group (forum).

This is an investment into personal development, healing, exercise, goal setting and more importantly a sustainable change for your future self… a change you truly deserve!